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Why Put a Balustrade Around Your Pond?

Balustrades are normally used on staircases, around the edges of balconies, and on decking. Their main purpose is for something to hold onto, preventing falls and other accidents.

There are plenty of other practical but less obvious uses of balustrades, however. One such use is around a garden pond, where glass balustrades work particularly well. If you have your own pond, here are the reasons you should strongly consider getting a balustrade fitted.

Maximise safety

As with their uses in other situations, balustrades around ponds make a huge difference to safety. This is particularly important if you have small children or pets who otherwise need to be closely supervised when they're outside.

A lot of people fill ponds in when they have children, but there's no need to do that if you just make sure it's safe. A balustrade is the perfect way to do this.

Protect your fish

There are all sorts of predators that catch and kill fish if they get the chance, one of the most prolific and frustrating being the common domestic cat. One thing many of these animals have in common is that they like to sit on the ground at the edge of a pond and catch fish without getting wet.

When you put up a balustrade around your pond, it stops animals from being able to grab your fish. That's particularly welcome if you have koi carp or other prized fish.

An attractive garden feature

Practical benefits aside, balustrades are designed to be attractive, which can look great in your garden. Having one around your pond creates the feel of a separate area, adding a visually interesting aspect to your landscaping.

You can also use the balustrade as a place to put decorations, hang bird feeders, or add pot holders for growing small plants. It opens up a lot of new possibilities for people who enjoy landscaping.

Spend longer enjoying your pond

Watching the fish swim around, or just gazing at the rippling water of a pond is a relaxing way to pass the time. However, standing while you do this can get tiring quickly, and using a seat doesn't give you quite the same view.

When you have a balustrade, you have a convenient place to lean as you while away time and enjoy some peace and quiet. Thanks to the visual benefits mentioned above, it also makes it a nicer, more interesting place to spend time, so you'll want to be outside more often.

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