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Fire Safety in the Workplace: 3 Things to Think About

If you are planning to add fire safety features and firefighting equipment to your workplace, you may have already considered which type of fire extinguisher you need in each part of the building and the location of fire alarms. However, fire safety doesn't end there. There are other important steps which you will need to take in order to ensure that everyone in the building is kept safe in the event of a fire. Below is a guide to some additional fire safety measures you may wish to implement in your workplace.

Fire blankets

Fire blankets work by cutting off the oxygen supply to a fire and thus extinguishing it. You should place fire blankets in locations such as staff kitchen areas where pots and pans may catch fire. Placing a fire blanket over a burning pot will quickly extinguish the flames. Training your staff in the use of fire blankets can help them to safely put out kitchen fires and will protect them from using water on an oil fire. Adding water to a pan of burning oil will cause it to explode in a fireball, which will badly injure anyone nearby and can cause the fire to spread.

Fire resistant clothing

One easy way to protect your workforce is to issue them with fire-resistant clothing. While fire-resistant clothing is commonly issued to industrial workers who are operating in high-risk environments, there is no reason why lighter versions of the same clothing cannot be issued to your employees for use around the office. While non-fire resistant clothing easily catches fire and can melt into the skin of the person wearing it, fire resistant clothing will not. The fire resistant fibres will blacken and smoulder, but they will not actively catch fire. This could help to protect your workforce and buy them valuable time which can be used to escape. 

Escape signage

Finally, while any modern building will be fitted with fire escapes, these escapes are only useful if they can be located in an emergency. You should install illuminated signs at ground level which direct people to the nearest fire escape. Because smoke will rise to the ceiling, placing the signs at a low level will allow people to spot them as they are crawling along the floor to avoid the smoke.

If you would like further advice and information, you should contact a business which specialises in fire safety equipment.

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