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Air Conditioning Solutions – What Would Be Right For You?

Homeowners are spoilt for choice when selecting a new air conditioning system for their residence, as the market is swamped with a vast assortment of options. In fact, the wide array may even make whittling down your choices overwhelming for some people, which makes people base their decision exclusively on price rather than functional features. Although there is a broad range of brands available, it should be noted that every type of system does ha its unique strengths as well as drawbacks. Thus, it would be vital to know what the kind of system you would like so that you can choose an air conditioning unit that will suit your individual home. Here are a few air conditioning solutions you could consider when deciding on what would be right for you.

Split system air conditioning solutions

Split systems are characterised by having miniature units that are mounted on the walls of the different rooms in your home. These units then function to circulate either warm or cold air depending on your needs. For the transfer air in and out of the smaller units, a larger unit is installed at the exterior of your home.

The most prominent benefit of split system units is that they are quite discreet, as they do not take up a considerable amount of space. Moreover, they come in a range of sizes so you can be assured of finding a system to your preference. The drawback to consider is that they cannot be used to air condition your entire home, as they are only limited to the rooms they are installed in.

Evaporative air conditioning systems

Evaporative heating and cooling systems are better suited to parts of Australia that experience low humidity. The air conditioning system functions by absorbing the warm air from the space into wet batts. The batts then cool the air and circulate it around your home via ducts that have been installed in the ceiling of your premises.

Evaporative air conditioning systems are some of the more cost-efficient options in the market, making them ideal for homeowners looking to purchase a system on a restrictive budget. Moreover, they have the ability of regularly drawing fresh air to the home, which can help people with allergies or respiratory issues.

A drawback of the evaporative units is they do not function at optimum when humidity levels rise, so they would not be suited to areas such as the coast. 

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