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3 Non-Structural Areas Your Building Inspectors Should Assess

Many people assume that the work of building inspectors is only to assess the structural integrity of the house. As such, they are consulted when one wants to buy a building, before and during construction. While this is their primary role, other areas are also evaluated when they are offering their inspection services. Below are non-structural issues that building inspectors also cover in the course of their work.

Pest inspection

Homeowners rarely take time to find out if there are any pests in their homes. Pests such as white ants will gradually eat the timber used to build the house, and this can damage the entire structure. To prevent such damage, you should seek building inspection services. The inspector has the experience and equipment to check particular areas where such pests are likely to be hidden. Since most of these areas are unreachable, they have miniature cameras to enable them to get a clear vision. In case they detect the presence of pests in the house, they can recommend the services of a fumigator and the replacement of the affected timber. Make sure you confirm the inspection report to ensure that the building inspectors you hired have checked for pests.

Electrical wiring

Just because the lights come on when you switch them on does not mean that wiring has been done correctly. Some unscrupulous electricians might use shortcuts when doing the installation to reduce the overall costs. This can lead to short circuits in the future that can burn down the entire house. To avoid such cases, ask the building inspector to confirm that all the electrical fittings and wirings within the house were done correctly. The issue should be taken more seriously if renovations have been done to the house which might have affected the initial electrical plans of the house.

Environmental assessment

When you want to buy a house, you will hardly think about the impact that the environment has on the building. In most cases, you will only be interested in the overall design and getting the house at a good price. However, the building inspector will evaluate the impact that the environment has on the house. An example is a house that has been mistakenly built in a swampy area. Such a house can flood when it rains heavily. The building inspector can then recommend measures to protect the house or issue a report informing you not to purchase the house.

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