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Why Wood Windows Are a Worthwhile Integration to Your Home

If you are looking for replacement windows, a vital building supply to consider would be your window materials. Vinyl may be a readily available option, and PVC has started to gain popularity, but timber remains a classic option for both traditionally designed and modern homes. Although wood does come with the added responsibility of routine maintenance for it to stay pristine, there are numerous pros that it lends your structure that make up for this extra care. Read on for why wood windows are a worthwhile integration to your home.

Wood windows have superior aesthetics

A great reason to opt for wood windows over other materials is the premium aesthetics that they will lend to your structure. Timber windows have a propensity of making the exterior of a building look warm and inviting, which is perfect for residential properties. Moreover, wood windows are suitable for any theme. This versatility in appeal is unlike materials such as aluminium windows, which typically complement contemporary designs rather than other types of structures, such as cottage-style properties. Lastly, wood can be painted any colour to suit your preference. Therefore, you won't have to worry about your windows not seamlessly fitting in with your home's aesthetics in general.

Wood windows are eco-friendly

Some people may assume that wood windows will increase their carbon footprint. In truth, these windows are sourced from renewable resources, making them an eco-conscious option for your home. Another reason why wood windows are environmentally friendly is that their global warming potential is barely discernible. This global warming potential is a metric used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide emitted to the environment, and wood falls much lower as compared to materials such as PVC whose manufacturing processes emit a considerable amount of toxins into the environment.

Wood windows boost insulation

Whether renovating your home or constructing a structure anew, insulation is a crucial factor to consider. The degree of insulation your home has will directly impact the comfort of the interior of the home. Moreover, if there is minimal insulation in the home, you will find your electricity bills spiking due to thermal heat loss and heat gain, particularly with Australia's erratic climatic conditions. Wood windows have the ability to retain heat within your home, which comes in handy when the colder elements roll around. Thus, you would not have to rely excessively on artificial heating during the winter if you choose wood windows.  

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